Case Study 1

One of our customers phoned us from a franchised car dealership advising that they had found a car that they wanted to purchase. They had been given a quote from the dealership but wanted to see how our rates compared. As is often the case, we were cheaper than the dealership and we secured finance for the customer, who wanted the vehicle for the weekend. We liaised with the dealership and managed to turn the deal around in just over one day.

Case Study 2

When we recently visited one of our clients, he mentioned that he was hiring a vital asset on a regular basis and this was proving very costly. We suggested that it would be more cost-effective for him to buy one and suggested that he called the hire company to see if they were willing to sell the asset to him. Once they had agreed on a price, we provided our customer with a quote which was much lower than the cost of hiring the asset and we refinanced the deal within two days. Not only was our customer delighted with the speed and excellent rate but he was thrilled that we had helped him make a difference to his business.

Case Study 3

A customer contacted us in a panic as they had recently financed a number of assets using their cash-flow and realised that they had left themselves in a vulnerable position. They were unsure about what they could do and initially explored the possibility of a refinance to raise some cash. Given that the customer had made the payments within the last 90 days, we suggested a Sale and HP back. We acted quickly and secured an agreement for the customer; releasing the funds back into cash-flow, relieving the pressure that they had inadvertently created.

Case Study 4

We worked closely with a customer who was looking to take the next step and diversify their service offering; needing an injection of cash to finance the new service. Using several assets that the business owned outright, we refinanced these assets to raise over £100,000. This cash injection supported initial investments and also provided a cash-flow buffer to support the new initiative through it’s early stages. Our customer was very happy as he had not anticipated delivering the new service so quickly as he had initially intended to finance it through cash-flow.


Great service! I would highly recommend James to anyone looking to finance an asset for their business.Business OwnerCivil Engineering
We had never really used asset finance before and didn’t know what to expect. From the initial enquiry, James provided an excellent and efficient service; making the whole experience much simpler than our previous experiences with other lenders.Business OwnerHaulage
I have used James’s services for a few years now and have built a good relationship with him. I know that I can pick up the phone to him and he will just take care of everything for me.Business OwnerTransport
Historically we had always used our bank and using a broker was something that we hadn’t really considered. James exceeded our expectations in all areas and turned the whole deal around in a matter of days.Finance DirectorService Sector